Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New journey

I am feeling pretty terrific these days.
Most of last year I was struggling with illness for weeks on end. mostly involving stuff which would be TMI (too much information) to go into with any depth.
Magically, in December, I discovered that the culprit is an old allergy rearing it's head again.
I was allergic to citric acid as a kid, and pretty much got over it, and never associated my symptoms last year with it until a conversation with my mom indicated the symptoms I was having matched what I had as a baby when they discovered the allergy.
Since December I have done my best to avoid it. Every recurrence of my illness matched an encounter with citric acid, up to and including cooking tomato sauce for Oscar's meals.
After months of care, I tried an experiment or two, taking some preventative measures, then eating something with the culprit involved.
I discovered that even though the primary symptom didn't appear, I was very very ill for days following the experiment. And fuzzy brained! including adding soy sauce instead of vanilla to my coffee!
And as I recovered, I realized how much healthier I feel every day than I did all last year.
All this led to me taking a giant step toward better heath. I rejoined Weight Watchers on Monday.
I am so glad to have more of my health back, and imagine how wonderful things will be as I regain energy and strength while losing weight.


AlisonH said...

How wonderful and amazing that your mom and you were able to track it down definitely like that. It took us a year to definitely link my daughter's illness to a severe milk allergy--not lactose intolerance, but true allergy--because her symptoms weren't the typical ones of...lactose intolerance.

momtroll said...

Oh, Diana, I am so proud of you for taking the step to start WW. One day at a time is what often works. You will feel so much better. I watch the Biggest Looser and am amaized at how the folks have changed. Keep us posted. We will all be cheering for you.