Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I used to smoke two packs a day, until I finally quit January 2001. It took several attempts, but I kept at it, and never quit quitting.
Right now, I feel the same way I felt when I quit smoking for the last time. A still small place inside me is rock solid certain it is time to lose this weight.
I KNOW this is gonna work. I will be healthy, and the sexiest thing on wheels.


MarieAngel said...

Don't give up Diana!

I finally quit December 29th 2004. Cold turkey, couldn't take the nicotine patch or any other medication since it would interfere with my diabetes meds. I was seriously addicted but I made it through.

Don't give up! You'll get there and stay there just like I did :)

momtroll said...

I know there is a pretty person inside of you. Each day will be worth it. We have the book Eat Right for Your Type which is about eating to go with your blood type. We are O's and should not eat oranges, tangerines, cantalope or strawberries. Plums and figs are highly beneficial. If you would like the book, I will get one for you. It has all four blood types in it.

AlisonH said...

I had to quit eating sugar during gestational diabetes, not even being allowed more than a half a cup of plain milk at a time because it had too much sugar in it. That taught me a little of what it must feel like to give up smoking, just a little. So many people try; you actually did it!

You can do this too.

Leslie said...

You go grrl, you CAN do it.