Saturday, April 25, 2009

Marvelous Bags

I was reading my copy of Knit Circus #5 and came across a review of 'KIP Bags'.
Beautiful fabrics, exquisite detailing and clever, useful construction... I was sold.
I went browsing at Ruddawg's Etsy Shop and was delighted. I was even more thrilled when the bags arrived in a few days.
These are so well-made! The larger bags have a fleece bottom which helps the bag stay put when I'm tugging at the yarn inside. all are fully lined, and have little loops where you can hook your project bag onto whatever you are carrying that day, or just your beltloops. They are all closed with sleek drawstrings in full casings, easy to open and close with no fiddling.
Most of the bags (the medium, divided, and small sock knitting bags) also have cunning pockets lining the inside, great places to put stitch markers, measuring tapes, or needles, and are capacious enough to hold more than I thought possible. I'm currently using my larger undivided bag to hold a bolero jacket I'm working on.
And the divided bag. It is FULLY divided, right down to the bottom. No crossover between the two sections. She used interfacing inside the center lining fabric to keep it firm, but not too stiff.
I was a quilter for years. These fabrics are very high quality (in fact, I still have a few of them in my stash, waiting for better times).
There are several basic bags (plus a few in 'miscellaneous')Divided, Medium, Small, Small Sock Knitting and Mini.
The divided bag is terrific for working on two socks at once, or for doing colorwork.
I ended up buying several (and 2 of the smallest) as the prices were great, and the design just what I needed. In fact, I can see myself buying more down the road, I have lots of WIPs (Works in Progress) that could use homes.
Hey, and you quilters? If you do handwork, these would be fantastic. Your applique pieces woul fit perfectly into those pockets.
I am using Ruddawg's photos, with her permission, as the bags are individual, and you can't buy mine :-}

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Leslie said...

Great working bags are always a challenge to come up with. I will have to check these out.