Friday, April 24, 2009

More hats

I found out a little back story on the design of my recent hats. The designer is knitting for the victims of the Australian wildfires. Knitters from all over have sent her yarn, and this hat was one of the designs she made for gifting. I love crafters. :-}
L. liked Lynx's hat so much (and the hats were so quick to make) that I decided ot whip one up for her, too (the black/grey/blue one). Then I decided I wanted one also.
For mine, I felt like having a hat to match a jacket I use in Spring and Fall.
Despite being listed as Aran, this yarn mostly works up as a light worsted I think.
Because of that, the berets I made earlier were not as wide as the pattern's.
For my hat, I added one more round of increases (increasing to 96) and also did an extra set of cross stitch decrease rounds. I like a flamboyant hat most days :-} I did not do the final non-increase cross stitch round.
I would have done the same for Leslie and Lynx, but I didn't have 2 skeins of their colorways.

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Leslie said...

They are gorgeous and I will be verra happy with which ever one comes my way. Many thanks again.