Monday, April 27, 2009

Gorgeous day at last

Today is absolutely gorgeous. The perfect temperature, a slight breeze, sunshine, but I'll enjoy it from inside. I worked 10 minutes in the garden yesterday and am paying the price with swollen abdomen and sore, sore hands. Of course, I also played 'bounce baby' with Sean three days in a row. I call it 'Seanercise' :-}

Despite the water weight gain by the big abdomen, another 1.4 pounds is gone according to the scale this morning. I was fully expecting a GAIN as that is usual on the 'day after' any bad exercise for me.

Next week I'll be weighing in the day after a convention (Penguicon), so I should be fairly rested (with perhaps swollen ankles). I spend conventions scooting about in my chair so no belly strain at all. I expect the scale will show more weight loss then.

I still feel as though I am eating too much, ending the day having to cram down anywhere from 5 to 14 points.
But I guess that was part of my problem. I was eating little enough that my metabolism slowed even further.
I've eaten more the past two weeks than I have in ages, and yet I'm losing weight. There is logic in there somewhere but dang. It still feels weird. GOOD, but weird.


Leslie said...

You go grrrly.

I woke up to snow after a grim sorta weekend weather-wise.

Jealous (1)

AlisonH said...

Congratulations! And I love the blue flowers. Spring!