Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best Laid Plans - and Sean Photos

Ah well. My doctor informs me it would be a very foolish choice for anyone with a compromised immune system to go to a convention in the midst of a level 5 flu outbreak. I see her point. It means this weekend, planned for almost a year, will be Oscar's (and Cthulu-guin's) alone. We were going to celebrate our 8th (handfasting) anniversary. We will still celebrate, but not at Penguicon.

I was also looking forward to time with Amanda, Tommy and Sean, but I can see them another time.

When they were here a few days back, Sean fell asleep on Oscar. I love this photo:


Henya said...

Your guys look very comfy.

Leslie said...

Dear Diana,

The hat arrived, I love it, the colours are my faves, also my daughter's, am having to hide it from her. I wore it on our snow rainy Tuesday and got many compliments from both women and men. Great job!

I too am being told to avoid the masses as my immune system is compromised. So, I understand your feelings and dimay at not being able to do something you want to do. I am in the same boat, this weekend is Heritage Days at Fort Lupton and I was going to be there to demo my NEW spinning wheel and other womanly pursuits in the early 1800s. Boo hiss on th eSwine Flu, eh?

Love the photo of your boys.

AlisonH said...

They're so cute together!