Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warm Woolies Mystery Sweater Knit A Long

If you are on Ravelry, there's a fun mystery Knit A Long heating up.
It's for a sweater sized for a child or teen, for donation to Warm Woolies.
A mystery knit a long (also written as KAL) is fun because you discover what you are knitting as you go.
You are given the basic requirements:
Yarn amount and gauge, needle size, what type of yarn would work best.
(for this one, Aran weight in a medium (not too light or dark) solid color, 800 yards for a child's sweater or 950 for a teen's sweater)
Then next, you are given the first part of the pattern.
At regular intervals, the guide for the mystery KAL sends out the next parts of the pattern, until we are finished.
It is neat to have us all working on the same thing, because if someone runs into difficulties or questions, there are lots of us to ask, and to offer tips.

Mostly when I knit, I work on my own thing, often veering off from whatever pattern I'm given, but it's fun sometimes to shake things up and actually follow the rules, once in a very great while :-} So I'm looking forward to this.

If you are interested, there is still time to sign up before the end date on Friday.
Just go HERE

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Leslie said...

You are so like me. I finished the socks and they are the first pattern I followed, no wait a minute, I just lied. I did a shorter cuff than called for cuz I wanted the scallops. Sigh, well I will try again to follow the directions.. Good luck with your mystery project, they are fun. I got my wallet back, BTW.