Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Every Day Love

As I sit here tonight with the window open, I can hear sirens not too far away. It struck me that a decade ago, when I was with my first husband, my thoughts would have leapt to wondering if they were rushing toward an accident he caused, or a disturbance he was creating while getting drunk, and then the anxiety attacks would begin. All from the sound of a siren unconnected to me.

Tonight, as I heard the siren, my thoughts were instead ones of hoping the cops arrived wherever they were going in time, and that not too much sorrow would come of the incident.

And it struck me yet again how very lucky I am, and how much I treasure my Oscar.

This Friday we will be celebrating Valentine's Day with a hot tub in the early afternoon, with the sun shining down, and lots of splashing around. :-}
Saturday I will make him some Hasenpfeffer. I think I'll call it Bunny Love Stew :-}

And I'll be certain he knows how much I love him, and that I know how lucky I am he loves me too.

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Leslie said...

What a lovely tribute, thank you for sharing it. Happy Valentine's Day indeed.