Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Online Knitting Game

For some reason, I had a sudden yen to search for online knitting games.
I found one!


The instructions are in an Asian language (maybe Korean?) but here is how to play:
When the game loads (you will need Java) click on the pink ball with writing on it in the lower left corner.
The idea is to recreate the knitted object. It will be in pink and red. The pink that is at about 2:00 in the box to the right side of the screen. The darker color will be red, the ball that is in the lower left corner of the box. (see image below)
First, click on the color of the stitch you will be making, for the entire first row it will be pink.
Then use your arrow keys to move the stitches across from left to right. The stitch will jump up to the next row with one extra click when you finish the first row.
The second row is in red, so click the red ball of yarn, then use your arrow keys to move the stitches from right to left. If you make a mistake, your stitch is replaced by an error symbol (see images below)
It is more difficult than you may think to complete the knitting in time.

If you like other needle arts, I also found this needlepoint game on a UK site. Nice if you like Hello Kitty.

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