Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ysabeau's Tendril bag

I am blessed with many special people in my life. One of the most special, I have never met face to face, yet she is one of my very best friends.
She has gifted me countless times, with art work, jewelry, special one-of-a-kind gifts from her heart. Each time the gift seems to arrive on a day when I really need a boost. She's good like that :-}

I can't choose a favorite from among the many things she's sent to surprise me, but right up there in the top three has to be a bag she created from left over tapestry wool, a few beads (some made from scratch!) a lovely branch and her wonderful imagination. Here are a few pictures.


AlisonH said...

Oh, cool!

Anonymous said...

I saw this on Ysabeau's site awhile ago... this bag is really really amazing, I like the close-up of the bead!