Saturday, November 10, 2007

Giftings spread about the country

Lynn my sis-in-love gifted me with a big bag of yarns, all kinds. Straight worsted woolen, a big variety of fancy novelty stuff (ribbons and eyelash and fuzzy oh my!) and a bag of mystery boucle in slowly changing pink-purple-turquoise shades.

From just the boucle and novelty yarns (plus some I had in the drawer) I ended up making a new shawl pattern, donated for a sale to bellydancers in Lansing, Michigan, a ritzy scarf for a friend in Rhode island, and a big artsy fancy schmancy stole knit on size 50 needles for Ysabeau in California :-}

Here are some pics:


Anonymous said...

Testing... I posted before about how I LOVE your fiber art. The top one is AMAZING!!!

Karen/MuseStruck Designs said...

The color combination is fabulous...there's something inherently organic about it. Mother of pearl? Iridescent,'ve created your own garden!