Sunday, November 04, 2007

Writer's Journey

I just received my brand new copy of the Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler. The third edition was released this week.

I have been peripherally aware of the book for a while now. It is based on Joseph Campbell's "Hero of a Thousand Faces" and I have been a fan of Joseph Campbell since long before his PBS interviews with Bill Moyer.

Is it the be all and end all for writers as the blurb might have it? I doubt it. The author himself cautions readers to use it as a place from which to fly off in your own direction, not as a formulaic blueprint for your work.

He also cautions that although Heroes are most certainly female as well, the journey of a woman may sometimes be inward-, then outward-spiraling instead of a linear path as described in the archetype as he uses it. (I think some male heroes also follow this type of inward/outward spiraling path, so think of the concepts as two types of archetype, rather than something divided along gender lines) His list of suggested reading to illuminate those differences consisted of books I have already read, as luck would have it, so I feel prepared for this particular book as well.

I like to read this kind of thing just before falling asleep, the concepts seem to embed themselves in interesting ways (and sometimes the dreams are pretty interesting, too).

I can tell you that (after reading the introductions and preface) I made it to page eleven, and I've already found a way to strengthen my opening in my current WIP (Work In Progress), and realized the story outline as it stands mirrors the archetype almost exactly.

I guess reading all that Joseph Campbell embedded itself rather effectively even if it was more than two decades ago!

I think my own journey as a writer is alive and well, despite the most recent fallow time, while trying to recover from a few tough weeks.

Knitting? I am working on a fancy schmancy scarf for an online pal, and a pair of lovely alpaca socks in Twisted Sister's Avarice. And the Burly Zig.. it is looking fine!
Image is of the Hoo Hill Maze, in Shefford

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