Saturday, October 27, 2007

Snuggle Time

Oscar and I have often thought about moving to a dryer, warmer climate to help reduce the pain of arthritis.
But I would miss the cool weather, I think, so I'd want to be at a higher elevation.
I would NOT miss the damp. I hate high humidity.
I like heat just fine, as I found out one July in San Antonio, Texas. Without humidity, the heat felt great.
But now it is fall. And I have good reason to snuggle under my lap quilt, and knit with wool, the larger the object the warmer.
I am still working on the burly zig, and pair of stranded socks for Oscar (30 rnds to go) but I might take today and play with some new yarn Lynn sent me.
There is a Bloom-style shawl in my book of Norwegian knitting. They have the short rows done from both directions. I want to try it, in stockinette

below: some gratuitous color


AlisonH said...

"Gratuitous color." I love it.

Mokihana said...

Is that a parrot something, second from the bottom? It's gorgeous!

Love the gratuitous color, too!

Diana Troldahl said...

Yep It's a Parrot Head Tulip :-}

Sharon said...

Diana, a friend and I spent a week in Sedona Arizona last winter. We were both amazed at the pain reduction. Sigh....wish I could just live there for the worst of the winter.

Anonymous said...

I really need to get back to ATC and other small art.... these are SO GORGEOUS!