Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sick as a dog, new socks on the needle

Our wee puppy (ok, 11-year old dog) was sick as a well, dog. She had some sort of blockage, the doctor fears pancreatitis. The blockage has cleared, but the cause is yet to be determined.
Yesterday she was looking pretty awful but today is MUCH better. She is drinking lots of water, and currently rootling around (with appropriate piggy noises) making her bed just-right before laying down. She is not 100 percent better, but showing interest in anything smacking of food (forbidden until Doc Smith sees her again today) and moving around very well.

I finished Oscar's stranded socks, he put them on right away so no pics yet. :-}

I have a pair of alpaca socks on size 1 needles for Ysabeau, from Twisted Sisters yarn in Autumnal colors. (She sent me a wonderful box filled with garden-themed things, I am savoring it. It has really helped get through this week!

My Burly Zig project is further along, almost to the third repetition of 12, or half-way done My connected circular needles (from an interchangeable set) are separating a little at the join (where hard end piece meets the soft plastic), which slows the process a bit when yarn catches in the small space. If my hands/wrists were 100 percent the bag would have been done a week ago, still, I make progress every day.

A circular shawl from mystery boucle was almost done, when I figured out how to do it RIGHT and frogged the whole thing. I will start it again sometime today. I will be writing a pattern for this one, and testing it out again later. That's two new shawl patterns in two weeks. When I get the boucle version done, I will be making a narrower scarf-like version of a Colorjoy party stole for a friend from the extra bits. It will actually be more like the Kristi Comfort Wrap in construction but with shiny fibers.

I will also start a baby zig for The Yarn Garden in Charlotte. I want to have it finished in time to give Lynn on Friday.

Lynn will be putting up some new yarn soon, too. I will keep you posted. I want a chance to buy mine first!!! (yes, I am selfish where one-of-a-kind art yarns are concerned!)

(pics are of Kitsune)

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Lynx said...

Awwww. Poor Kitsune! He is SO pretty. Hope he is feeling better now!
Just make sure that you don't feed him grapes or raisins, just got an email on that -- they are toxic to dogs. Good thing I don't eat them, I guess!