Thursday, September 13, 2007

Charlie's Seeded Heart Socks

Here's the third pair of socks from Cat Bordhi's New Pathway's For Sock Knitters; Charlie's Seeded Heart Socks. I didn't quite get these right, the split in the cuff is slightly akilter.
I'm not surprised, it takes some practice to learn to use Cat's patterns with DPN's. I think with the 2-cable-needle method the directions might be easier to follow. For some reason, the way I personally use my DPN's seems backwards and cack handed when compared to Cat's elegant diagrams. I am certain the diagrams will be dead useful once I get my mind around the differences in perception.
In truth, I enjoy the stretching. It's not that every knitting pattern is all of a sudden too easy for me, I still have lots to learn. I just love the challenge of these new 'Pathways'. Cat's interesting twists of mind provide a very entertaining and stimulating adventure in knitting.

It's not something I can do every day, but it is great to have the book handy when I am feeling the need to stretch again.

I may try these again, and get them right (hopefully) next time. I honestly didn't realize my mistake until I arranged them for photography.
I also did one of a set of "Robin Hood's Fireside Boots" but realized my gauge somehow got smaller when using two strands of yarn (I know, very odd indeed) and the sock I made is not sized to fit anyone I can think of, except perhaps Dobby the House Elf.

The first three socks from book I made in baby sizes, for speed. I don't really know anyone with babies to hand, so they will be sent to a charity, probably Warm Woolies.
Rather than go on to the Robin Hood boots, I might just pick out all the baby socks to make, for practice, then go on to the adult sizes when I have all the techniques down pat. Anyway here are
Charlie's Seeded Heart Socks: (Uppers in some random sock yarn I had in a drawer, soles/feet in Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold)

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