Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And the waters they rose...

We've had some disconcerting burbles from our plumbing, pretty much since we moved in, but nothing bad enough to call a plumber, we (after watching Holmes on Homes) figured the air intake was blocked and Oscar was going to check on it the next time he did the gutters.
Well, today I'm thinking it might more likely be the roots of the 4 huge maple trees in the front yard. My first clue? The toilet turned into an indoor water feature. I do love the sound of splashing water, but really.
I managed to throw many absorbing towels, blankets and sheets on the floor and contain the water to the hallway. I also moved a few important items away from the craftroom entrance, just in case. In danger were my drum, Oscar's Featherweight (AND rare table that came with it) and some project bags of yarn and patterns. All is safe. Whew!

So Michigan Power Rodding is coming to the rescue this afternoon.
I will post a nice soothing image of lichen and pals taken up near Gaylord early this spring, and think good thoughts until we know for certain how much this will cost :-}

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momtroll said...

Ouch! So sorry. You can not get along without the pipes working. Best wishes on an easy fix.