Wednesday, May 30, 2007

UNBOUND by Lori Devoti

As part of a program at Romance Writers of America - Online, I wrote a review for fellow romance author Lori Devoti.
I thought I would share it here, as well. It was a terrific read

Shapeshifters, trolls, an ancient God and a witch with the blackest of hearts range themselves against an innocent who knows nothing of the power she possesses.

Risk Leidolf is a Hellhound. Hunting is in his very blood and bone. Bound to the whims of the witch Lusse for almost five hundred years, his strong will has kept him sane and made him the Alpha leader of her pack, but the cost to his humanity has been steep. He fights merely to survive. Freedom is a fantasy, unattainable, until he senses the true power of his most recent prey, Kara.

Kara has always depended on her twin. Kelly was the strong, courageous one, Kara the follower. When her twin disappears, Kara is determined to find her on her own since the authorities aren't of much use. The only person who offers to help search also embodies her deepest fears, and has a hidden agenda of his own. Stronger than fear is her need to find her sister, and her overwhelming desire for Risk. Their connection, their shared passion is beyond anything she has ever hoped to experience.

As her world shifts around her, she discovers her own hidden strengths, and pits them against ancient powers in an attempt to save her sister and her self.

Lori Devoti's dark world drew me in from the first page. Her deft characterization and fascinating alternate reality kept me hooked through the final phrase.


Lynx said...

thankx, now we need to get a copy! Alanda and I both want to read it, and you know *my* opinion on romances. But with supernatural stuff involved, I can deal with it! {grin}
Now if only the local library will order it for me!

Lynx said...

big surprise: the library "can't" get it for us.
I gotta get a job in a bookstore; wouldn't make much cash but would help keep their inventory updated! Just pay me in books, people....
I *did* manage to find a (paperback) copy of The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley to replace my lost hardcover copy. My dream personified: my own used book store... have half the inventory in my basement already...