Wednesday, May 30, 2007

13 Things

I'm trying to feel better about not getting everything done by listing the things I DO accomplish. It is the first day, and it really kept me on task.
I currently have a total list of 42 things (9 of which are daily tasks) that I've thought of that I can do (if I am careful). Some of the tasks have time limits, most do not. Some are about getting the house more organized, some are about starting a pattern business, some are about writing. I managed to check 13 items off the list today. Eight daily items plus 5 of the additional tasks.
Some of what I did:
Remove dead catnip from beam
Make Spiral Felted Cat Toy
Write clean pattern for cat toy
sweep in front of washer
Mend summer quilt
put away corned beef dinners
Plus the daily laundry and dishes and dog feeding kinda things.

I feel pretty good. MUCH better to look at what I accomplished and not at what I didn't.

Image is of my Byzantine Strawberry Bag Pattern. It's almost finished. When it's done, I will make an additional sample from a different fiber, add the photo to the pattern, then put it up for sale on Etsy.


Lynx said...

oh that bag is so cute! it would never hold everything i need to carry, but it is NEAT!!!! wish I had a photo of the only thing I designed without a pattern (well, that and the knitted sweater). I will never be able to make the crocheted motorcycle again, but a photo would be a nice reminder. {Sigh}

momtroll said...

How lovely. I am glad you are making patterns. Best wishes with the next ones.

Lynx said...

back to the listing: if you list each step of things you have done, your list gets even bigger and you feel even more accomplished! (this is a variation of my method of to-do list, because I feel so bad when I get half of something done, even though I worked for an hour. finally decided to list every detail of what I need to do, so that I can cross SOMETHING off the list even if the entire job isn't finished). I think I will change to your method, would be much more positive and affirming to list things I *have* accomplished rather than the list of "things I haven't gotten done yet but still need to do".... once again, Dusty is a genius! (not a news flash, for those of us who have known you over ten minutes!)

Sarebear said...

Oooo, nice strawberry-shape there, colors too! I love strawberries (just found your blog from link in your msgs on Bits n bobs!)