Sunday, May 27, 2007

Social Life

A social life.
Yep, I'm getting one.
Tomorrow we meet with some Pagan and Pagan-friendly folk for a lovely outdoor picnic. I'm bringing an oriental coleslaw, if I get it done in time. I was hoping to do it tonight but my ankle gave up on me mid-way through the laundry.

When the meds kick in I may still be able to make it.. I need to find that delicate balance between lessened pain and still able to slice and dice!

Oscar needs about 3 hours sleep more a night than I do, so I'll just stay up a bit to make it. We're supposed to meet them around 11-ish, which is an hour earlier than Oscar is used to getting up.

I'll also bring my current knitting project. I'm making my own version of the Ribs and Lace Tank from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits. I love the ribbed bodice, VERY clever decreases that really show off "The Girls".
You can see an image on THIS PAGE
Its the center middle image in brown. Its difficult to see the details, but I have discarded the bottom horizontal lace and done mine all in the vertical ladder stitch lace. I may do an edging around the bottom to have the 'skirt' lay more flatly. Rather than decreasing at the sides, I am changing needles to smaller sizes as I knit from bottom to top. I'm doing mine in COLORJOY "Lynnabelle" DK weight. I plan to make a matching shrug so that it looks like I'm wearing a short sleeve top rather than a tank.

I also love the Bonsai Tunic in the image just below, but that pattern is a bit trickier to transform into my size. I may try it after I finish this one, though.

No pics of mine yet, its basically a big tube of ladder lace at present, but it IS a beautiful hue. Here's a picture of my Lynnabelle Yarn. It's even prettier in person.

Today's other image is of my faithful Buddha kitty. She always comes and lays on my legs if she thinks I've overdone things. I USUALLY listen to her and rest for awhile.

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Lynx said...

Always listen to Buddha! The furkins are attuned to reality, not our perception of it, so are pretty much the "smart" ones...
Pretty kitty!