Monday, May 21, 2007


I drove today! Its the first time I've been behind the wheel since re-learning last fall. Hand controls were challenging to get used to. Today, it FINALLY felt natural to push out to brake and pull down to accelerate. I feel the door opening to all sorts of activities, like grocery shopping, and maybe even attending a knitting group now and then. There is one that meets on Tuesdays at the library in downtown Ypsilanti but the distance from van parking in back, around the sidewalk and up a loooong ramp to to the front door is intimidating for now. I'll work up to it. In the meantime, I bet I can find a more easily accessed group somewhere! I don't want to drive in the main part of Ann Arbor yet, students have a habit of walking in front of cars and my braking isn't THAT good, but there is a group that meets once a month, often at Borders book store, meeting tomorrow. I want to drive more in daylight first though. At least until I get my new glasses.

Image is a quilt block I designed, of the Egyptian Lioness Goddess Sekhmet:


Lynx said...

woo hoo!! now U can join us all in complaining about the price of gas!
and what intellectually challenged person put the van parking in the *back* of the building and the ramp in the *front*? will this person be running for office soon? (probably)...
as for the students that run in front of cars, how did they live long enough to get to college and how did they get ACCEPTED to college being that stupid? Just because pedestrians have "the right of way" doesn't mean it's ok to abuse the right.... or even a good idea. me, if a car is less than 3/4 block away, I WAIT.... but then, I do remember a few years ago in East Lansing, playing Frogger with the traffic on the main road thru town... it was the only way to get across there! Guess it is a good thing that I don't live in a college town... although the used book stores are coolicious!

momtroll said...

Fantastic! Freedom at last.