Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scottish Night at Otter House

I was surfing youtube last night and came across an old favorite group, the Battlefield Band

The particular performance found HERE may illustrate why I love them... the interplay among the performers and their instruments is fascinating.

Of course, being who I am, I kept browsing, finding odd and odder waters...
For example, Star Wars and ACDC being played on a bagpipe HERE
Warning.. its very silly..

But then, I found magic. I love finding a new (to me) musician... Eddi Reader. She sings haunting contemporary, and also traditional Celtic music, including an album singing songs of Robert Burns' poetry.
She'll be in Chicago, Boston and Milwaukee this year, otherwise she's on the other side of the Atlantic. Her website is HERE

Here she is singing with John Martyn.. she has such a fantastic voice. VIDEO

Then I found another favorite, Dougie MacLean, this time singing with Kathie Matea

And one of my favorite Scottish songs of all time, his CALEDONIA

*Happy Sigh*
Great night for surfing, dudes..


Lynx said...

GREAT sites!!! is there a way to put these videos on dvd, for those of us whose home computer is dead (still-- I decided to name my next computer GWBush, so when *it* dies I won't feel so bad...)

Kirsty said...

I totally adore your closing photo, which I'm guessing is sunset taken via your garden reflection ball! Awesome!


Diana Troldahl said...

I don't know of any way to transfer them from the website, Lynx, but your library may be able to get them for you.

Kirsty, you're right, it's a photo of the sunset in my garden ball :-}
You can even see me in the bottom right corner. :-} Glad you like it!