Thursday, May 31, 2007

Craft In America


I happened to catch the last half of the 1st in this series last night, and was blown away.

It's an intimate portrait of several well-known and NOT so well-known artists/craftspeople from the U.S. I've always found it fascinating to watch someone create a physical object, and I also am enthralled by learning how and why they do what they do. What inspires them, how they organize their days, how they started, what the pieces mean to them, what tools they use and why, just every detail. This series of 3 episodes feeds that desire completely.

I still have two episodes to watch, but I'm still savoring what I've already seen.

Then I did a bit more research and found out the fun is just beginning. The 3-part documentary is just the FIRST project in the works. There will also be a traveling exhibition and a companion book. LINK TO MORE INFO

This site takes the concept so much further, they have links to the exhibition schedule, an area just for educators, a section for meeting the artists and more. Possibly my favorites are the
several links to crafts delineated by material used. Each page includes a discussion of the history of the medium, artists famous for its use, and links to ways YOU can learn how to start creating in it. Links are there for

One REALLY COOL bit is when you click on the links called "Meet some of the best and most interesting" It gives you a long list of artist's names.. when you click on one of the names you have really great info INCLUDING a video interview with or about the artist!
I checked out fiber artists, and simply because I liked her name, clicked on
Hystercine Rankin.

Turns out she's a quilter.. I'll let you follow the link and read her story yourself... She's around 78 years old this year...

image is a piece of my own fiber art, called "Inner Light Goddess" Unfortunately, she was lost on a round robin adventure.. I kept the pattern I drew, though, and I think that her sister, when I make her, will be even better. I think I will hand paint my own fabric, and possibly make some of the elements with collaged stuff, maybe even some free form knitting or crochet.


kathleen said...

oh, Diana, I like this one. I saw it on the Women's Artistic Soul list and loved it there, and here it is again! What a treat to see it here! How sad that she was lost, but I'd love to see you create another one, this time integrating more of who you've become since the original was made. You do beautiful work!

momtroll said...

I am so glad you took a photo of the wonderful art piece. I love the colors. I will be glad to see the encore.