Friday, December 29, 2006

You.. light up my liiiife....

Ok, I really want to get some of this!
If I'm going to be out in public, I want to have something going on that gets e noticed, to avoid getting run over or blocked in the grocery aisles.... I think this may just be the ticket! I won't just be a fat lady in a wheelchair, I'll be the one with the glowing head!
Thanks to IMPROBABLE.COM for the info on:


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Ysabeau said...

Other ideas - Hats in wild colors, flags that clip on the chair and stick way up, a portable clip on air horn that goes "aaaahooooghah"
ok, maybe not the air horn, but I get tempted sometimes! Anything that lights up, jewelry, clothing, a stuffed duckie or antennae to wear on your head... oh, I'm sure you can think of something good.