Saturday, December 30, 2006

More reorganization, Yarn and Space!..

Wow, I have so many things from my crafting that I can sell on Ebay! I won't start listing them for quite a while yet, but I will have room when the things are gone.
I actually found two additional drawers I can use to store yarn just by rearranging a few things.
I found them just in time.

I received two glorious half-pound skeins from Lynnie already. One is 'Peony Sky Rainbow', one is 'Jo's Garden' and I'll be getting 6 more skeins in 'Lynnabelle' . It wil be the very first sweater i've knit for myself. I'm still deciding on the pattern.. I want it to be very special.
I knit a sweater for a boyfriend in Japan many many years ago... Since the instructions were in Japanese and it was the first time I'd ever purled, I think it turned out well.. If his arms had only been a few feet longer, it would have fit him just fine!.

(images of the yarn I bought, available at the COLORJOY SHOP ) Just click on the images if you want a larger view, or just a little color therapy :-}

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