Friday, December 29, 2006

restructuring the Hermit-age

I've been a hermit for the past few years. Now that I have the van equipped, I hope to expand my horizon a bit. My most recent solo excursion had some flaws. The loooong incline to the hospital doors wrenched my stomach muscles badly (they have been damaged in a series of surgeries) and that meant I couldn't do much in the way of house or Ebay work for a week. Add in two travel sessions for the holidays and I'm only now recovering. Obviously balance here is important :-}
Oscar and I have been building a second income from buying used books and re-selling them on Ebay. Because of my increased activity and his increased arthritis, that isn't going to work this year, particularly if I want to travel in the van to do things like grocery shopping or visiting friends, or swimming, or going for blood tests and doc appointments on my own.
So, we've taken some time off from Ebay this month. With Oscar having a few three day weekends, we plan to restructure our lives quite a bit. I will reorganize my work room / studio to accommodate the remaining Ebay books, and any other items (easy to package and ship) that I might sell in the future. I won't stop selling completely, just have fewer auctions per week, and transition to those items which can be shipped from our own mailbox, or via Priority (the Post office will pick up Priority packages for shipment, but not media mail)
We will also make the house as wheelchair accessible as possible by removing the books from the living area. I hope we can also find a rolling stool I can use in the kitchen, as the quarters are too cramped there for the chair.
Oscar will also be studying in the next few weeks, to help get a new job (within the same company).
If I am going to write (another possible source of income) I need my workspace (currently I write in the living room on my laptop) to be as neat and organized as possible, so this is also a goal for this weekend, and will be assisted by getting the books out of the living room. This includes writing knitting patterns, as well as whatever else I think I can sell.

My personal goal is to make my financial contribution to the household on my own by the end of the year. This will hopefully provide Oscar with the extra time and energy he could use to pursue his education, maybe a hobby or three, or just increase our level of socializing with friends (which we both are missing).

I hope Oscar can also make progress in his office. I know its been bothering him a great deal to have things so disorganized in there. He deserves a calm, soothing workplace.

We have already made some wonderful sweeping changes this month. My new stove is dead easy for me to work from a seated position, and the dish washer means I can spend my time cooking healthy meals for us several times a week, instead of cooking once and cleaning for 5 days. I didn't realize how much I missed cooking until it became possible again.

Anyway, what better time than a time of new beginnings to set up a new framework for our lives?
(first image is of Moonie playing in the living room curtains, this is of Pulmonaria in my snowy garden last spring)

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