Tuesday, December 26, 2006

rough holiday

This time of year can be difficult.
In the past few weeks:
-The husband of one of my oldest friends, accused of murdering her and thier son Joshua (by burning the house down around them), had the charges dismissed against him. The prosecutors will appeal.
-Another old friend, (one I'd known for 2 decades) died after a 6 month battle with lung cancer, before I even knew she was ill.
-Another friend from the same group of people has had her 5 year battle with cancer renewed. the pills aren't working, the tumors are growing, she's on chemo again. At least I have the blessing of knowing, and can knit something tangible to hug her with.

I know many people have worse situations, and there are many many blessings in my life I could count right now, but I feel its also important to honor the grief I feel, not shove it under some slick candy coating.
When the time comes to count blessings I'll be right there with fingers and toes ready for action, but for now, I need to grieve.

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Lynx said...

Grieve all you need to, sis. Holding it back just makes you sick(er). And nobody wants that.
The news about the friend's husband totally sucks. I will light a candle to Sehkmet tonight in her honor... justice will be done sometime, someway, somewhere! Keep the faith!!!