Friday, December 22, 2006


I learned of the loss of a friend yesterday.
She and I had known each other since the '80s. We met through the Great Lakes Free Net and shared an interest in holistic health, the Earth as Mother, and the Mad Dogs who met Tuesday nights.
I presided at her handfasting, knew her son, Steven ({{{{Steven}}}}} and we shared many wonderful times over the past few decades, but we had completely lost touch this past year or 2. I was too involved in the changes my life was going through to even find out how she was. When I heard, my first guilty, agonized thought was the same as most people would have in that situation. "I didn't even know she was sick."
She died of lung cancer 6 months after being diagnosed. She wasn't a smoker, and lived one of the healthiest lifestyles I've ever encountered. She was fiercely dedicated to her friends, had a wickedly luscious sense of humor and the laugh to go with it. The world is less without her.

Please, in her honor, call an old friend today, and reconnect.

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Lynx said...

Blessings and sympathies, hon. I almost went through the same situation myself. Luckily, I got my asterisk in gear and tracked you down already! I was really blessed to find you again; will have to tell you some tales about that later...
Love and hugs are sent your way. Kisses too... No flowers, I don't trust your allergies.