Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mossy Rock scarf

This is the scarf I'm making for a neighbor, out of Di Ve in a green/blue/gold colorway with my adapted feather and fan pattern (I'm calling my version mossy rock) One photo to show the texture, the second to show the color changes and the bottom, spread a bit so you can see the lace part.

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Lynx said...

pretty pretty pretty!!! I sorted (again) my yarns in the living room this morning, looking for Ruthi's glasses that she then found in her room... at least they were found! Then when I went to the thrift shop looking for knitting needles, I ended up buying a huge grocery bag of Miscellaneous Yarn for $1.50... I know, I am insane. But at least I left the store with less than I brought in to donate! Plus didn't have to carry the books I was donating all the way uptown, I saw a friend at the grocery store first and offered her first choice: she got the box and three bags, both of us are now very happy! OK, I am now writing enough to do my own posting!