Thursday, December 07, 2006

Busy Happy Tiring day

Oscar brought in the dishwasher, and I've done three loads today, with almost no time spent on my feet! a real blessing.

I packaged all my paid ebay auctions and they are ready for Oscar to load into the car.
And I'm using my adapted Old Shale / Feathers and Fans pattern to make a scarf for a neighbor in some of that Luscious Di Ve yarn I mentioned a few weeks back. (I'll take a pic later this week) My adaptation is more sculptured and less lacy than the standard pattern, and shows off color changes on long color-run yarns well. Next I'll start another neighbor scarf, also in Di Ve, but in a more masculine design (yet to be determined).

Tomorrow will be all about putting up ebay auctions to end the weekend of Dec 16-17th. It will probably be our last week of auctions for the year. The tail end of December and beginning of January are mostly dead for used books on ebay :-} We have some non-book items to put up, but Oscar says I deserve a vacation, bless him :-}

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Lynx said...

If I bring mine over, would you wash my dishes too? LOL
The only dishwasher in our house is at the end of my wrists... Had a machine once, but had to dump it when the drain in the sink plugged up, back to dishtubs in the sink and emptying them in the bathroom. Fun, but better than trying to wash dishes in the bathtub...Laundry in the tub is enough Codeine pain for the back... My my, doesn't my life suck. Now if you could just get your dishwasher to pick up the dirty dishes, and put away the clean dishes, you would really be set!