Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday to me, happy 2nd birthday to me...

What a neat day! I didn’t know it, but today decided to be a second birthday. I got a lovely box of pressies from Lynx, and also a present (a second one from her this year!) from my Mom in law Liz. Both for my birthday!
So I added chocolate and cinnamon to my coffee and decided to celebrate all day, what the heck? There's no law against having as many birthdays a year as you want, eh?

Also, I received an early Yule present from Oscar. We picked out new silverware and dishes :-}
I've attached images of our choices. A few months ago we went 'window' shopping on the Corelle site, and decided we really like Del Norte. It was out of our price range. Then yesterday Oscar discovered that had it on sale, AND we found a 16% off coupon AND by paying with paypal, shipping was free, so we got the $90 set for around $50! (BONUS!!) The Oneida silverware was on sale too, and matched the China perfectly :-} We love blue, especially cobalt blue :-}
And with a new dishwasher, it will be easy to start using real plates again. We’d switched to plastic and paper because of the difficulty of keeping up with dish washing. It hurt our Pagan environmentalist souls to do so, and we feel MUCH better with real re-usable stuff on its way to us.


Anonymous said...

Diana, I *love* your new choice of dishes... I've never seen anything like that!

The silverware is inspired... I just bought dh & I a new knife block set that looks almost identical to your new silverware! It's really cool... something about the handles :)


Ysabeau said...

aaaaaaaa....very merry unbirthday to you! to who? to you!!! a very merry unbirthday to you! You only get one birthday a year, but you can have UNbirthdays anytime. I love cobalt blue, to, especially with turquoise or amber touches. Hugs! Ysabeau