Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Big Fat Bandit

We have a huge VERY well-fed raccoon in the back yard today. I grew up where we were surrounded by wildlife and I miss it. Here in Ypsilanti (a city near Detroit) the sightings have been few and far between. I spotted an opossum a few years back, and the first summer we were here, a red-tailed hawk stooped and enjoyed a meal of pigeon in the back yard. The raccoon is the first 'wild' life I've seen in a long time except for my usual bird pals. I enjoyed watching him waddle around the back yard :-} Oscar isn't as pleased, being the more sensible of the two of us where critters are concerned.


momtroll said...

Wow, what a chunky little guy. How lucky for you to be able to see him/her as I have them on my lot, but they come out at night when I am asleep. I cut back branches so they can no longer get on my roof. They would leave their calling card there. I would have to climb on the roof so visitors would not see. I enjoy watching the wild life. They are my "pets".

Diana Troldahl said...

Oscar reminded me that we also have had skunks, as we found out the first week we had Kit the Dog. Whewwwweeeee what a stink!