Monday, November 13, 2006

Yarn! Yarn!!!!!!

Yarn shipment arrived today. No pics as Oscar has the camera packed for his vacation. Suffice it to say, I have 3 skeins each of Big Kuryeon in purple-teal-dark green and in Noro silk garden lite in turquoise, blue, fuschia purple and silvery grey.... and a big skein of mountain COlors worsted in evergreen (Its planned for a yule gift for someone special). I gots iITCHY fingers!

I also have the pleasure of testing two shawls in GLORIOUS colors and fibers for Lynn's new pattern. It feel liks a party just knitting these! ANd I will be doing a beautiuf pink sassy bag for her, and a water color bag (and hopefully a watercolor bag for Rae, too) All this knitting is wonderful, it has helped me lose 26 pounds so far this year! Between that and the writing it keeps me from going bug-nuts. Well, Yes, I am still a bit nuts, but I would be MUCH worse, believe me!
Whoops! TIme to go say goodbye to the OScar guy! I'm going to miss him :-{ the critters are going to miss him too.

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