Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Planned idleness

I promised Oscar that while he was gone I would start no new cleaning-the-house projects. I have a tendency to get focused on a task and forget about stopping before my feet are destroyed for the week. This would be a bad thing since he is a 4-hour drive away and I don't want to need to have him here. I refuse to have any reason for him to end his vacation early! So, I jiggled my feet alot thsi morning.
I hadn't realized how much stuff I still do! Its good, in that I feel much less useless, but its bad in that the messy house is driving me crazy. So, time for inventiveness. If I am sitting down, and if I set the timer for 5 minutes so I don't mess up my stomach by bending too much, I think I can accomplish a few things. NO project, no planned result, just making certain that if the dog dumps the trash can I have a way to clean it up without harm to myself instead of wading through the pile of papers. I have a grabber to reduce the bending, and I can set a chair in the middle of a messy spot, and lift items to the trash can one at a time. If I get an empty box nearby, I can put items that are NOT trash but need to be picked up into the box for when I go to the room where the item lives. This is a good training for later, too.
My sis in law is coming for a brainstorming session on Friday, I need her to be able to get to the chair, but I WON'T clean the entire room,. NO TASK! If I have no set goal, I can more easily stop.
Until Oscar gets back, I have no way of creating space to use the wheelchair. It would be a task, on which I would become focused and for which I would sacrifice the use of my feet for up to a week while the bones heal up again.
Oh, I should make one more rule for myself. I can only do the sit and grab thing once per hour. This should help avoid overdoing the stomach thing.
Wish me luck!

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Lynx said...

Luck!!! And if all else fails and you start to over-exert, get your hiney to the bookshelf or computer and over-exert your fingers turning the pages or typing me a story... G2G, Love ya tons, keep posting....