Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oscar and the Great White North

Oscar is heading off Monday for an adventurous week visiting my dad in Gaylord. Actually, visiting my dad anywhere is adventuresome, he's just that kind of guy. In Gaylord, my Grandpa Miller bought some land, and Dad and Mom built a vacation home there. Its an interesting topography, a HUGE fire burned across the state twice, and you can still see the remants decades later. (See some photos I took there in early spring a few years ago, below) .
Oscar is planning to go bow hunting, and then maybe rifle hunting. He is having a good time planning what he wants to do with the venison (My first suggestion: Buy a new freezer :-})
I am so glad he's going, not because I want to get shet of him, but because he so desperately needs to get away from it all for a while. Ever since I got sick more than 5 years ago, he's been taking care of me. He needs a break!
It will also be a good opportunity for me. I need to relearn my independence, now that I've got it through my thick skull to temper it with sensible use of my feet. With Oscar gone, I will HAVE to be careful not to over do things, but I will also gain confidence that I can take care of myself.


Lynx said...

And if you get unbearably lonely and adventuresome, you can hop in your newly-equipped van and come visit me and my (sadly, synthetic) yarn! And get a good look (but don't laugh) at the quilt top I am putting together... Read a book, watch Practical Magic... cast... all sorts of fun down here....

Diana Troldahl said...

Unfortunately, I;ve only driven in it twice, and am not confident enough of my skills to even drive around the block right now. Also, the longer I drive, the more trouble with the tummy I have the next day. But I appreciate being wanted! :-} ANd you're making a quilt! COOL!