Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wallowing in Color

Oh! If only I had the camera! I'm sure Oscar is getting good use of it up north, but I would LOVE to show you what I'm surrounded by today! We had a lovely energizing get together yesterday, Lynn and I. How wonderful to see her face and laugh and talk and hug! She brought me some delicious food from Altu's (I adore her spices) and some even more delicious bread Lynn made. THe pumpkin bread was the best I've ever tasted ( I put one slice of pumpkin bread in the freezer for Oscar, out of temptations way) and the biscuits and pumpkin butter were perfect for breakfast, filling and nutty and wholesome. You know, its kind of easy to do something well if you enjoy it. Cooking is a chore for Lynn, and yet she is able to make lovely delicious wholesome magical food. I am in awe of her sometimes :-}
The best thing she brought was herself, though. I dearly love her!
Back to the colors, I am surrounded by a two tone pink sassy bag in progress in lovely cushy colorsport yarn, all the colors of green in Spring in the current shawl pattern, the deep teal-grey-turquoise soft yarn I'm doing swatches in, the new purple and teal and burgandy and green sock yarn Lynn gifted me with last night (I keep rubbing it on my face :-} and My Noro Silk Garden Light that I"m exsperimenting with (a triangle shawl I think) I hardly notice the grey sky outside, its to bright in the livingroom!
I am missing Oscar, This is the longest we've been apart since we met.
The latest he'll be home is tomorrow afternoon. I've got SUCH a hug waiting for him!

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