Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Sunday

Oscar is home! We missed each other a lot, but the reunion was worth it!
Its snowing here, Just sky snow, nothing on the ground. The cardinals (the birds not the high church officials) are enjoying our new birdseed mix (seeds with fruit and nuts). I can already tell the next watershed in my ability level will be not being able to make it to the bird feeding platform. So.. I think I'll contact United way about a set of ramps. One out the back door to the bird seeding platform, and one in front to the van. PROactive rather than REactive, eh?

I've finished the knitting projects for Lynnie for which I had yarn, and am back working on my own stuff. She'll be sending yarn for a watercolor bag soon, in lovely luscious Di. Ve Autunno (by Cascade).

One of my goals this week is to write down a few patterns for things I've done (Like my blue and pink shawl shape) and design the logo for Otterwise Designs. Thank goodness for photoshop! I have the pattern written for my Byzantine Strawberry bag of Recycled Silk, I just need to put it together with the photos on the page. I should probably knit a few samples of that bag for stores that carry the silk and are having trouble selling it. I have a pattern in my head for a shawl of the recycled silk, too.

I think I'll also get moving on mobilizing a commercial website. I own the, but its an empty space at the moment. Once I have 5 patterns ready I can start selling them directly, I think. Especially if I learn the ins and outs of making them into downloadable PDF files. I enjoy designing. I'll set a tentative goal of February 2nd (Imbolc) as a launch date.

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