Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So much for plans... or Doggy Hide and Seek

I let the dog out. I was certain I hadn't let her in yet, but when I went outside to call her and she didn't come, instead of panicking, I went back in the house and did a search of her usual snoring spaces. No luck. Panicking a wee bit, I called Oscar to find out where the big flashlight was, then went outside for a thorough search. It was a mystery. No dog, no hole in the fence, nothing.
So I searched in the house again, more thoroughly, looking in closets and under beds and such. No dog Then I went across the street to Sharon, Kit's former owner so she would know to keep watch. She came with me to the back yard and searched, and she also made certain to check through the windows in case the dog was really inside. Jim, the neighbor across the street had spotted me whistling for kit on the way tto Sharon's, and he (in the process of moving one of his family!) stopped everything to drive around the neighbor hood. Then Sharon and I took her van to drive and look, then Sharon Jim and I took one final look in the back yard. No dog.
I went back in the house and promised to call them if she urned up, otr if she ende dup int eh pound . And there, right inthe kitchen she was. I have no clue where she had been. My favorite theory is she took a short visit with the Fae.
I'm just glad she's back (and so was Oscar when I called him to tell him) After I brought her out for Sharon and Jim to pet, I took her back inside and popped some pain pills. My feet are going to be a huge mess tomorrow. But At least the dog is safe. ANd I am knitting a scarf each in thanks to Sharon and Jim, bless them. (image: Kit, playing her favorite hide-under-the-blanket game)

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Momtroll said...

So sorry Kit gave you such a scare. I remember when Oscar was about 3 and I "lost" him when we all got ice cream at the fair. His cousins were with us. After everyone had a cone, no Oscar. I almost died. My brother saw me dashing here and there and was laughing. He was a ways away and had seen Oscar go around the ice cream stand on the other side. I finally found him! Pant, pant!!!