Monday, November 27, 2006

Skill level increasing

Whew! I started out today intending a nice drive to two local shops. The Target trip was just fine, although I had to park faaar away from the door. My shoulders got quite a workout, but it was all good. Then we went to Hillers, which is in a mall called Arborland. Parking was fine, and shopping was fine, but by the time we left, traffic was horrible, and it was getting dark. Even when I drove in the normal style I didn't like driving in traffic, nor after dark, but I persevered, even hen we were in bumper to bumper traffic for 40 minutes on the highway. So today's accomplishments include driving farther than before (More than far enough to feel comfortable going to the Rec center) Driving on the Highway, and driving after dark! (oh, and I polished my 'swearing at the other drivers' skills too :-}
It tuckered me out, though, more than I expected.
I haven't yet written out the mouse pattern, but Valerian is an herb commonly available at health food places. It's often used as a sleep aid, and contrary to popular belief, has nothing at all to do with Valium. The least expensive method is to buy the powdered or whole root in the bulk section, you only need a little bit to make a happy cat.

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momtroll said...

I am so glad you are getting out in your van. It will open up a whole new world to you. Best wishes.