Monday, November 27, 2006

Good Food, Good company, Good news

We had our special meal today. Oscar's first treat was to sleep in as late as he wanted to. He made it 12 hours!
Then we had popovers for breakfast, and later we had roasted brussel sprouts, buffalo burgers, and a newly invented recipe, Sweetpotato casserole made with coconut milk.

I miss cooking and it was great to get inventive again. Life is getting better! Thanks to a sale at sears and a gift from my dad, I will soon have a new dishwasher (the sale at sears part) and a stove with knobs on the front! The stove we have with knobs on the back is dangerous to use while sitting, especially when you're droopy like I am.
So, I can start making some of the recipes that I invent as I go to sleep some nights :-}
(The photo is of some Senegalese Mafe' I made a while back, in a bowl I inherited from my Grandpa Miller.)
Oh, I'm working on writing out my version of the Valerian Mouse Cat toy, I'll post it tomorrow or the next day :-}


Karla said...

You're so kind, I'll check back tomorrow for mice. Also, please clue me in on that powder. Thanks!

Lynx said...

Thanks, now I'm hungry....
The bowl is too pretty to eat from!
New stove sounds divine, talk about synchronicity, we are supposed to get a "new" one soon too! Since my oven doesn't work, and to be honest, half the stove burners don't work. But I can still make the best boxed macaroni and cheese in town!