Monday, November 20, 2006

Lemon Bars!

For years Oscar's been telling me about his grandma's Lemon Bars (she hailed from Minnesota) but we could never find a recipe for them that didn't use condensed milk. Oscar can have butter but not other dairy products.
Then, yesterday I spied a package of 6 cookies called Betsy's Lemon Bars. by Johnny B Cookies. (THEY DELIVER!) I read the label milk! they had butter, but Oscar can have butter in moderation... we untied the raffia and reached inside the cellophane bag to nibble a bit as soon as we got to the car.. HEAVEN. THe rich shortbread is topped by lemon creamy stuff made with fresh squeezed lemon juice and sprinkled with powdered sugar... 1/2 a cookie each was rich enough to satisfy, and, although I've never before found a lemon cookie I liked, I am an ardent fan.
Oscar says they are as good as those his Grandma Troldahl made, high praise indeed!

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momtroll said...

I have one of Grandma's lemon bar recipes. It is the one with graham crackers with lemon frosting on top. It is a refrigerator bar a and it does use condensed milk. I am glad you found one that works without milk.