Friday, November 17, 2006

ANd less than 5 minutes later, happy again

All it took was reading my Beloved sis's blog. Lynn is Oscar's sister, and as I have no birth sisters, sisters of the heart are precious to me. Even more precious since two of my heart sisters whom I knew since I was a baby are lost to me.

I was so grumpy about not getting out and about at will that it toally eclipsed the expectation of Lynn's visit here today. I feel a little ashamed. I AM looking forward to visiting with her. We have so much in common, not only loving Oscar, but loving art, and life, and learning. She has a lot to deal with on a daily basis but, although she allows herself time to process bad stuff, to my knowledge she has yet to give up! Very inspiring :-}

She had such wonderful things to say about me in her blog today, it made my grumpy mood turn 180 degrees. What a blessing she is!

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