Monday, October 09, 2006

Produce Station

There's a small store/fresh produce market in Ann Arbor that I used to stop at every few weeks. Today we happened to be nearby, and I remembered that right about now they'd have some lovely Michigan Fall produce available. It turns out Oscar had never been there, so I had the double pleasure of sharing it with him. We found some of my favorite variety of apple there, Honey Crisp. They taste like apples are SUPPOSED to taste. I grew up out in the country and those freshly waxed sawdust-textured yellow and gold 'delicious' apples aren't worth the chew. Each apple is so huge that one of them with a bit of sharp cheddar cheese makes a filling meal. I also found some lovely velvety fragrant peaches. I don't trust a peach that has no scent. It can't be anywhere near ready to eat yet. (My, I am opinionated today, eh?)

They also carry unusual groceries inside. We found some Mexican chocolate, the brittle kind that turns to sweet rubble when you nibble on it. I ground some with my coffee beans and its brewing as I type. What a lovely cinnamony chocolately presence in the house! I'll add a dollop of cream and a small plop of vanilla-infused rum... yummmmmmmmm

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