Tuesday, October 17, 2006

crawling out of the cave

You ever have a time when you are sick, but you refuse to admit it, or are so busy coping with the basics that need to be done that you don't notice?
I have been working hard on becoming self-aware of my physical condition re my arthritis and my adhesion complications. My pain threshold is high enough that it takes conscious effort to notice BEFORE the major damage hits I've been on my feet or sitting upright too long. I guess the same holds true for cold symptoms.
I thought on Saturday I had worse allergy symptoms and double the body aches, and an ear infection, when really I was just fighting a cold. I finally glommed on to the obvious when the sore throat showed up. Sheesh. I feel a bit dim.
We do feel better. Oscar had the same cold, so we babied ourselves for 24 hours (high-garlic chicken soup and rest) and it kicked it in the butt. We had to postpone a family get together, but that was better than sharing the germs, I think. I am grateful it could be postponed, instead of cancelled.

I've been working on a blessing/gift for a sick friend, but didn't want to put my less-than-well energies into it, so its been sitting idle. ( Blessed Be! He's getting better! ) Now that we're better it will be finished soon, and I can send it off. Its too wide for a scarf, too short for a shawl, so its simply our love knitted up into a hug. Oscar let instinct guide him as he chose the fiber. Its a luscious wool/silk blend, 'Tokyo' by Interlacements in beautiful shades of green-purple-blue-grey. The repetitive movements are a wonderful way to work our love for David into the stitches. I am using a pair of antique bakelite needles that look and feel like amber. It feels wonderful to knit this way.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, as always! Knitted hugs are a wonderful thing, never too hard (with arthritis, you notice hard hugs more), never too soft, always there when you need it!kayb

Ysabeau said...

I love the colors, I love the soft look of it, and "amber" needles make it a really fun way to charge it with positive energy! Talented, and wise, and thoughtful gift. B*B, Ysabeau