Sunday, October 08, 2006


My birthday was Friday, and Oscar has made this year a lovely celebration.
He found a wonderful gift. A complete interlocking set of circular needles that I can put together in whichever way a pattern demands. He also drove me home to see my folks, where I taught my neice Amanda the rudiments of knitting and had a lovely long chat with my cousin Penny Nichols, just back from a summer spent studying grasshoppers in Montana. To top it off, tonight AND tomorrow night we are going to folk music events (more about those later)

More than New Year's, my birthday is the beginning of the next year of my life. For me it's a time for contemplation of things to change, and things to keep. This year, the HUGE change is that by the end of the month, for the first time in 4 years, I will be driving again! I will be keeping the new behavior patterns that stopped the cycle of overdoing and recovery. This means I am currently planing 1-3 excursions per week, and not more than 3. One will of course be to the recreation center for swimming!!!!!!! The taxi service was good to have, but the 1-2 hour wait at each end combined with the exercise was wreaking havoc with my abdomen. Its only a 20 minute drive :-}

A second excursion will be midweek to buy fresh produce, with a stop at the local library bookshop to replenish stock for my ebay business. Shopping only once a week it was hard to have some types of fresh salad and fruits. I should also be able to take all but 1 or 2 major shopping trips per month off Oscar's task list. I can't wrestle the multitude of spring water around, but I can pick up the weekly fresh stuff, and, once the kitchen is set up again, can begin to buy fresh fish to cook for dinner.

The third excursion will happen when I'm having a good week, and will be used to connect somehow with old friends, and new. There are loads of activities going on, at the local library, and with the theater group I used to belong to. I will need to be careful not to overcommit, but I crave that connection again.

(photo is a spice bush from Bonsai House)

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