Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Red Door

It all started when the inside handle of the back door came off this afternoon. After I got the screwdriver and removed the remains, I thought how good an opportunity it would be to paint the door, before installing the new handle. I often have idle thoughts like this, and dismiss them as costing too much in energy and foot-time... but this idea just would not let go. After thinking it through, I moved a kitchen chair over, lay down a paper bag torn open for a floor shield, and wiped down the outside of the door.
I found some inside-outside latex paint we bought back when we first moved in, mixed it up with a fresh paint stick, found a roller, tray and edging brush, and painted. Thank goodness I'm not a perfectionist. I got almost all the messy bits off the glass, and didn't spill one drop on the floor, but its certainly not a professional job.
I wouldn't have painted the INSIDE of the door without getting concurrence from Oscar, but as it was the outside, and mostly I'm the one that sees it, I decided to go for it.
I've hated the color since we moved in. A sort of calf-scour pinky brown (and if you have to ask, find a famer to explain it, but only if you REALLY want to know and have good resistence to descriptions of earthy farmer things).
I'm letting the first coat dry. Its likely to need a sceond coat. But even if I decide I'm not up for a second coat, I know the sight of the door even as it is will cheer me up in the middle of the brown/wet/white/cold winter.
(the image below is not of my back door, although I'd love a backdoor like that sans the steps. I found the image HERE .)

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Lynx said...

I am familiar with the color, it sounds like the color that my entire house was until we got tired of waiting for the landlord and bought paint ourselves.... all I can say is, UGH.