Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oscar loves me

He's putting himself through torture getting our bedroom free of as many allergens as possible. It had gotten to the point that I was risking an asthm aattack almost every night, particularly when the windows were cloeed. Michigan + Winter + open windows = frozen Otter Troldahl family.

It is good he did. He found a patch of moldy disintegrating carpet tack board indicating why breathing has gotten so much more difficult since last year.

Its 4 a.m. and he's amost done. I wish I could do more to help!


momtroll said...

I am with you. I can hardly breath when it comes to mold. You can also paint sealer over the dried out spot that you put bleach on. When I start not feeling well, I clean my bedroom. You spend more hours there a day, so it should be clean. I wet dust, so the dust does not fly from my cloth. Best wishes on a clean room. By the way, Oscar is really good looking!

Lynx said...

What an ever-lovin' doll you found in this man! Can you PLEEASE find the gene and get it cloned for the rest of us poor women with husbands that do things only if it is something THEY want done?! Wow, I am so impressed; a nice guy and cute to boot. (No, I haven't seen his bootside, don't go there!) LOL
When he's done with your place are you going to hire him out? I want on the list if you do!!!