Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Odd Ducks and Genetics

I was an odd duck growing up. So distracted by things along the way I got lost travelling routes I'd often taken before. Stumbling on the staircase as something popped into my head; thinking of exotic ingredients to add to dishes we'd eaten hundreds of times before. Passionate about things it was hard to explain to others. I can't count the number of wallets I lost or buses I missed, because I was so interested in something else at the crucial moment.
My neice Amanda is staying with my folks during the week while she takes classes. She's almost all grown up now, and it has become apparent that she's a woman after my own heart. My mom says its like having me as a teen around again. In the past few weeks she's missed the bus, lost her purse, turned north instead of south on the way home from class and suggested adding apple cider to sweet potatoes. Amanda says she is proud to be like her Aunt Diana, and it warms me to hear that.
My neice Brianna is an animal loving writer, Briclynn loves critters too, and loves to read, Robert is a voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy novels, and loves being on stage. David plays football (I was asked to try out for the Unicorns in Lansing while I was in college, a semi-pro woman's football team in the 80's) All of them craft or make art in one way or another. All things I've loved too, there's more but I was intending this to be a short post :-}
Sorrows tend to collect as you grow through life. One of mine has been I will never have children (hysterectomy at age 34). It touches me more than I can say to know that in my neices and nephews, my oddness marches on.

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