Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A goal to shoot for

Well, with the 'Power Seat Base' (what the thing I need is called) added to the cost of the hand controls, the best guess is that I'll need $2,400 to get mobile. Better than it might be. If I was the sort of person to lie to take advantage of a government program, I'm told if I go through Michigan Works and apply for a job, they will help with the cost. But I know that unless they find a job that I can do in the recliner, its not likely to work out. When I called and explained my restrictions last year, they were not sanguine about my chances, and I won't lie now to get their help. I've been accused of being 'self-rightous' and 'goody two shoes' with this attitude. But If I got money for this knowing full well I wouldn't be able to keep a job because of health stuff, it means there is one fewer person who CAN work and needs thier help that won't get it.
So, I'll keep working on the ebay stuff, albeit slower than I used to, and keep paying off debts to free up money for savings, and eventually, it will work out. The same people think I should try again for SSD; but the very thought of starting the process again depresses me deeply. I am so much more able to do things, as long as I am careful, than others.
I still have a good brain, surely I can figure out a way to support my part of the household expenses. As soon as we get a power strip, I can use my lap top in the recliner, and will begin submitting articles. I've been published about 10 times in the past, all I need to do is step up my game and keep trying, that and the Ebay will help monetarily.

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