Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Reasons for celebration!

*After a few more weeks, I'll be going on the maintenance dose of my allergy shots. Yay!!!!!

*getting portable hand controls for the van is less than $400! Within my reach from ebay sales! Yay!!!!! Permanent controls are around $700, and I will need those eventually. This will free me up to go to the pool whenever I can fit it in without the up to 2 hours spent waiting (combined waiting at either end) as well as to attend things like adult literacy volunteer classes.

* I have managed to lose a few more pounds!

*My mammogram came back with no abnormalities!

*I have the best husband in the world.


Lynx said...

YAY!!! Good mammograms are EXCELLENT news!!! And as to the few pounds that you lost.... I found them and you can have them back anytime.... (Just kidding!)
Great to hear so much great news at once! And as for Oscar, he better be the best hubby because that is the least that you deserve. Now if only you could perfect the cloning..... LOVE YA!!!

momtroll said...

Happy days! I am glad you were able to loose a few more pounds. I have thought I would make some ice tea "ice cubes" and put in a freezer bag to munch when hungry, but so far I have not found the cube tray. I wonder if it would work. As for your honey, I agree. He is the best.