Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gratitudes and Celebrations

Taking a break from the weekend Ebay slog. Next weekend is Labor day, which means three weekend auction days rather than two, and more people home, especially with gas prices so high. Thus more bids. It behooves me to put as many auctions up as possible for a holiday weekend.

But back to the title of the post:

A while back I watched an interview with Carlos Santana, and something he said resonated with me. Not an exact quote, but the gist of it was the secret of happiness was gratitude.

Oscar and I have been stressed lately. On top of the ongoing health crapola, he has been working major overtime and applying and interviewing for different positions within the company, arranging to pay off old debts, and trying like crazy to improve our home.
During a conversation we discovered that both of us miss the spiritual activites we were involved in a few years ago. Our lives felt out of kilter in part because everything we were putting efforts toward are physical and monetary issues. Although everything else going on, combined with Oscar's work schedule makes participating in group activites almost impossible, we wanted to try and add something spiritual back into our daily routine to help balance our lives.

I suggested that every night before we fall asleep, we try to each think of something that we did to celebrate, and something to be grateful for. We don't acheive it every night, but most nights we do, and I think its helping. The only criteria for the item of celebration is that it helped us make our lives better. Sometimes the item is large, like Oscar doing great at an interview, sometimes small, like me coming in from the garden before overdoing things.

Its helping to put the day into perspective, and keeps us from worrying ourselves with the minutia before we fall asleep.

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